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Kristin Brooks

Kristin Brooks has been with the Southaven Communications Division since 2006. She has always seen her position as a calling, not a job and excels in her position. She is a CTO and instructs our new dispatchers in a two-week class that she helped create. She is very thorough in her training and is what you want to see in a mentor and trainer. She is dedicated, hardworking and strives to learn new ways to train different types of adult learners. Kristin remains calm during chaotic and overwhelming situations. Her co-workers see that calm during the storm attitude. She brings passion to the job that she instills when training new dispatchers and her co-workers. She always goes beyond the call of duty. Kristin has recently started writing articles related to being a dispatcher in today's world. She is a published author who has written several dispatch related articles for the IAED magazine The Journal of Emergency Dispatch. Kristin is the type of dispatcher who would be an asset to any 911 agency. Her attitude and love for the job is infectious. I appreciate the hard work she puts in on a daily basis and feel she is the perfect candidate for the Larry Lindsey Award.

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