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Jasmine Taylor

Larry Lindsey Award Nomination Jasmine Taylor-Harrison County Sheriff’s Department To Whom It May Concern, I feel that Jasmine Taylor is the perfect candidate for the Larry Lindsey Award. Jasmine is a communications supervisor for Day Shift 1 at the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. I have had the privilege to be the Patrol Captain for Day Shift 1. I look forward to walking into dispatch every morning and seeing the smiling faces. Jasmine is a huge reason for that success. Jasmine is a person who constantly strives to do better. She is always trying to anticipate a patrolman’s next move before they ask. Those kinds of efforts build bonds between a patrol shift and a dispatch shift. Jasmine has the ability to cast her energy on the other people under her supervision. I have enjoyed watching her habits and knowledge bleed over to the other people in the room. This award should be for the entire Day Shift 1 Radio Room. As a supervisor, you hope for great cohesion from your shift and dispatch, but with this shift, it has become more of a family. Jasmine Taylor represents exactly what the Larry Lindsey Award is trying to recognize. Thank you for considering this nomination. Respectfully, Captain Craig Necaise Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.  Thank you for recognizing the unseen heroes of Law Enforcement.

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