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Angela White

The Larry Lindsey Award is presented every year at the annual APCO-MS Chapter conference to recognize a telecommunicator for they’re above and beyond service to the public, and to strive for greater achievements as a telecommunicator. This award acknowledges exemplary professional conduct, ability, and overall contribution to the field of Public Safety.

Angela has been involved in the law enforcement field for 18 years. She has spent 8 years as an Officer with Northeast Community College for 5 years as a TAC Sergeant with the Lee County Sheriff Office and has served as a Reserve Officer for different agencies. She also is a state certified 911 Operator by MS Board of Standards and Training, and is a graduate of the Terminal Agency Coordinator Department of Public Safety MJIC Division. She is currently employed with the Itawamba County Sheriff Department as a 911 Dispatcher.

Angela had no idea what was about to unravel at Conference 2007. She had planned to go see her granddaughter receive an award at school the same night of the banquet. Family members and co workers knew Angela needed to attend for the award presentation so her grand-daughter told her she needed to go because they have already made plans for her to be there. She had no idea what was going on as far as the Larry Lindsey Award Presentation. Angela was in for a big surprise!!!

Recognition for what a dispatcher goes through on a day-to-day basis is scarce. Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and Medical Responders receive a lot of media attention, but 911 dispatchers never receives the recognition, a pat on the back, or congratulations for a job well done. To the public we are the voices on the phone, that is why this award is so important to help remind our dispatchers what a great job they do and to say thank you for you’re dedication to the field of Public Safety.

This award was created in honor of Larry Lindsey the founder of the Association Of Public Safety Communication Officials MS Chapter. Lindsey also played a major role in Emergency Board of Standards and Training (BETST) to help every one obtain their certification and training required by the state.

The Larry Lindsey Award is presented to the dispatcher that goes above and beyond the call of duty to help serve the public, in any type of emergency they may have and to keep safe the police officers, medical personnel, and fire fighters in every type of emergency they encounter. This is why her colleagues at Itawamba County Sheriff Office nominated Angela White for this award. This just confirms what we all know and admire about Angela is her compassion and dedication she gives to her co-workers and the community, So we honor her with the Larry Lindsey Award Mississippi Dispatcher of the Year 2007.

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