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Alexandra "Alex" Snyder

We are submitting a nomination for the Larry Lindsey award because Alexandra “Alex” Snyder exhibits all of the traits that you would want to see in a dispatcher, co-worker and trainer. Alexandra Snyder is a dispatcher for the Biloxi Police Department where she currently hold the rank of Dispatcher III as well as the designation of a Communications Training Officer. When hired in December of 2005 she quickly adapted to the environment of dispatch and excels in all aspects of her job field. She is an excellent multitasker and her job skills are second to none. She answers the phones quickly and efficiently while maintaining a professional demeanor to receive the information needed for the responders. She is a high caliber dispatcher and it shows when she’s able to keep up with the abundance of information being aired from the road units and at the same time be able to assist co-workers and take incoming calls. Regardless if the day is slow or overwhelming she helps her co-workers while handling high volume workloads in the center. She never complains and always lends a helping hand. Alex demonstrates what an excellent dispatcher is, she is enthusiastic, professional, positive, respectful, resourceful, compassionate, patient, helpful and dependable. Her communications skills and professionalism is what you would want to see in a mentor, leader, teacher etc. She is well liked by everyone in the center and the trainees love her as a trainer. She is very thorough in her training, she explains and demonstrates each step. She then discusses each procedure as to why we do it a particular way and what could happen if the procedure isn’t followed. This helps the trainee grasp the importance of following the set guidelines set by the department. Alex shows the same compassion and leadership abilities in her day to day work as well as the overwhelming environment of controlled chaos. She is very much a shining star and any child would want to grow up to be just like her. We feel the excellence she portrays is exactly what the Larry Lindsey Award stands for and it would make him proud to know that it went to someone so deserving.

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