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Alex Fisher Sward Scholarship Winner 2017

Where do you plan to go to college?: MS Gulf Coast for 2 years and MS State University to bachelors.

What is your major?: Engineering- specifically Electrical and RF engineering

Tell us how the scholarship will achieve your goals:

I am very interested in IT and communication engineering. I would like to help shape new technologies in the communication field. In the future, I would like to be on a development team to create new ways to improve data distribution. There is not a specific Radio frequency engineering degree at this time. I will pursue electrical with an emphasis on communications and software development. My goal is to complete two years at MS Gulf Coast Community College on a full scholarship. I will complete my bachelors at Mississippi State University. Upon completion of my degree, I would like to find a career on a development team to create new ways to improve data distribution. I have consistently maintained an A/B status in high school. I have also scored high on my ACT and have been accepted to both of the schools listed. This scholarship will help with my tuition and book expenses. Public safety uses communications daily. I believe my career would help to develop new equipment and software to help individuals, like first responders and others, communicate better.  I sincerely appreciate any consideration for this scholarship. If I receive this scholarship, I will not take lightly the trust you are placing in me to complete my goals.

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