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Larry Lindsey Award

The Chapter shall issue on an annual basis a telecommunicator’s of the year award, which shall be known as the Larry Lindsey Award in honor, and memory of this former chapter president who was instrumental in the creation of the MS-Chapter. Nominations shall be solicited in writing or via web site from the membership at large. Selection shall be made by the Board of Officers and shall be based on demonstration of professional conduct, ability, and overall contribution to the field of public safety communication. 

2020 Award Winner

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Memory Robinson 2.jpg

2018 Award Winner

Memory Robinson
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Alex Snyder.jpg

2016 Award Winner

Alexandra  Snyder
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Lory Rich 1.jpg

2014 Award Winner

Lory D. Rich
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Kevin and Chris 1.jpg

2012 Award Winner

Kevin Cooper and Chris Roaton
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Jody Dye.jpg

2010 Award Winner

Jody Dye
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Derez McClure 3.jpg

2008 Award Winner

Derez McClure
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2006 Award Winner

Hurricane Katrina Dispatchers
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Dee Hughes 2.jpg

2004 Award Winner

Dee Hughes
Kristin Brooks.JPG

2019 Award Winner

Kristin Brooks
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Jasmine Taylor 1.jpg

2017 Award Winner

Jasmine Taylor
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Rhonda Havard 1.jpg

2015 Award Winner

Rhonda Havard
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Jones County.jpg

2013 Award Winner

Jones County E-911
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2011 Award Winner

Ralph Simmons
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Brandy, Christie, Jerry 2.jpg

2009 Award Winner

Brandy Krohn, Christie Kessler, and Jerry Mickel
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Angela White 1.jpg

2007 Award Winner

Angela White
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Tanya May 1.jpg

2005 Award Winner

Tanya Mayo
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