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APCO-MS Bylaws


Chapter meetings shall be held a minimum of three each year. The membership shall be notified by the website, e-mail, of the meeting date, location and time a minimum of two weeks in advance of the meeting. The purpose of the meetings shall be to promote education and professionalism in the field of public safety communication and to conduct the business of the Mississippi Chapter. The most recent membership list provided by the national office shall be used to notify the membership. Meeting locations are to be set by the board members, and to take request to hold meetings for the membership. A quorum shall consist of a minimum of four officers.


Nominations shall be made from the floor and may be offered only by a current member in good standing with the Chapter. The vote shall be by ballot and will be tabulated by two members selected from those present at the meeting who are not current officers or members nominated to hold office. The following officers shall be elected at this meeting President and Vice President. Election of officers will be held every (2) year as part of the open meeting at the annual educational conference or otherwise in an open meeting held during the month of May. Election date, time, and location will be announced no less than 30 days prior to the date of the elections, whichever comes first? Elections will be conducted by secret ballot. Results will be announced by an APCO Board Member. Member’s choosing to vote in elections must present proof of membership status with voting privilege, if requested, to receive a ballot. Voting will be done by a written ballot. Terms for elected positions will be two years, commencing the first of the month of June 1st. There will be no limit to the number of successive or non-successive terms an elected officer can serve. Should there be no nominations from the membership for an elected position, the holder of the current position may succeed himself or herself at their pleasure.


The Board of Officers shall consist of the Chapter President, oversees duties for the chapter, Vice President, assisting the chapter president, Secretary-Treasurer, oversees bills and invoices for the chapter, Executive Council Representative, represents the APCO-MS Chapter at the International Chapter conferences,  Media-Director, is charge of the APCO web site and any media related topics along with the Larry Lindsey Award and notifications to the award recipient. Membership Director, will be in charge of all new members to the chapter, and membership drives. CCAM Advisory Member, will assist in the vendors at conferenes and assist board members when needed.  All action taken by the Board of Officers shall be reported to the full membership via the forum of minutes read by the Chapter Secretary unless the board of officers votes to go into executive session for the purpose of discussing personnel matters. No vote may be taken during any executive session. The Board of Officers is charged with the success and growth of the Chapter, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations including fiscal responsibilities, membership and recruitment, education and training, public relations, and other Mississippi Chapter APCO and International goals.


Membership Director, Media Director, Secretary-Treasurer, and CCAM will remain appointed positions by the Chapter Board Members.


Nominees must be members of APCO International in good standing and work in the state of Mississippi to be eligible as candidates. Nominees must be present or have a letter of intent (must be signed with ID#) submitted at the election to confirm their availability for the position and willingness to serve.


The Chapter shall issue on an annual basis a telecommunicator’s of the year award, which shall be known as the Larry Lindsey Award in honor, and memory of this former chapter president who was instrumental in the creation of the MS-Chapter. Nominations shall be solicited in writing or via web site from the membership at large. Selection shall be made by the Board of Officers and shall be based on demonstration of professional conduct, ability, and overall contribution to the field of public safety communication. Solicitation of nominations shall be made by the Media-Director and shall occur in a manner that provides for the submission of nominations and selection of a recipient in time for the award to be presented at the annual conference. The Media Director shall notify the recipient’s local and state media of the annual award. The award winner will be granted a free conference fee to the upcoming conference.


Section 1: Organization NameThe legal name of the organization will be the Mississippi Chapter of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International, Inc. In non-legal and common uses, the organization may be referred to as APCO Mississippi Chapter or colloquially as APCO-MS.
Section 2: Purpose of OrganizationThe Mississippi Chapter of the Association of Public Safety Communication Officials is a nonprofit organization established to further APCO International’s goals of enhancement of public safety communications. APCO Mississippi Chapter serves as a leader to promote education and professionalism in the field of public safety communications, and to conduct business as the APCO-MS Chapter.
Section 3: Equal Opportunity Statement

APCO-MS Chapter and its parent organization APCO International do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, political affiliation, marital status, or disability.


Section 1: Membership Requirements for membership will be in accordance with those published under article 1 Section 1 of the Bylaws of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International, Inc., as amended.
Section 2: Categories of Membership

Memberships in the APCO-MS Chapter will be in adherence with Article 1 Section 2 of the Bylaws of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International, Inc., as amended.
Section 3: Dues

Membership dues will be paid to the parent organization as specified under article 2 of the Bylaws of the Association of Public Safety Communication Officials International, Inc. Rates will be set by the parent organization, and payable at the currently published amounts. For active category membership, dues will be applicable under tier 1, as outlined under article 4, section 4.7 of the Association of Public Safety Communications Official International Inc Policy Manual.


Section 1: Open Meetings

Open meetings for the general membership shall be held no less than three times a year. Open meetings may coincide with organizational functions, in situations where this facilitates attendance by the membership. Meetings will be announced as early as feasible by public medium as the organization’s Internet site.
Section 2: Executive Session

During meetings of the Board of Officers, the Board may move into executive session by motion, second and approval of the quorum. Executive session is to be used for the handling of items of a sensitive or confidential nature, and no vote may be taken while in executive session.
Section 3: Special Meetings

The President may call special meetings (work meetings, retreats, etcetera) as required by certain chapter missions and goals. No vote may be taken in special meetings.


Section 1: Handling of Moneys and Debts The secretary will be responsible for handling monetary transactions on behalf of the chapter, including paying the debts, deposit of incomes and of account balances. The secretary may designate another officer to handle certain time-sensitive financial matters, such as deposits, at his/her option.
Section 2: Account Access

The chapter banking accounts will bear the name of the current secretary as the party authorized to withdraw monies, draft payments, and manage the accounts. The President and Vice President will have check writing privilege on the account, with all drafts to be approved by the Secretary.
Section 3: Expenditures

The board of officers must approve expenditures totaling or exceeding the amount of $100.00 dollars in advance by majority vote. In emergency situations, the secretary and president are authorized to act in the chapter’s best interest in handling amounts greater than this amount, with notification to the board of officers as quickly as possible.
Section 4: Advances

All persons approved by the board for advances must submit receipts or other documentation legally acceptable for tax purposes within thirty days of the expenditure. Unused monies from advances must be refunded to the chapter within 30 days.
Section 5: Reimbursements

Reimbursements may be requested with appropriate receipt or other documentation for tax purposes. All reimbursements must be submitted to the secretary within 90 days to be considered. Where expenses are anticipated approved advances are preferable to reimbursement. Reimbursements will be considered on a case-by-case basis unless otherwise addressed in the bylaws.
Section 6: Receipts and Documentation

A receipt for tax purposes must document all emergency and approved expenditures, and such receipt must reflect the dollar amount, date of expenditure, name of payee and nature of purchase or service. Any person making expenditure without providing a proper receipt will be held personally liable for the entire dollar amount, plus any collection of legal fees. Gratuity in excess of 25% will not be considered for reimbursement.
Section 7: Failure to Use

Any advances for expenditures must be used for their intended purposes. Any unused funds must be returned to the Board within 60 days of the event or occasions for which the funds were approved. In the event that funds are advanced by the board and spent by the member for goods or services that cannot be delivered through no fault of the member, the board shall not require a refund from the member. In the event that funds are advanced and spent by the member for goods or services that are not delivered due to negligence of the member, the member may be held liable for the entire amount of the advance in question. In the event that funds are advanced and spent by the member for goods or services that are not delivered because of fraudulent activity by the member, the member will be held liable for the entire amount of the advance in question and may face criminal prosecution and may be subject to civil liability.


Section 1: Amendments General

Amendments to be considered shall be presented to the Board of Officers in writing, and will be presented for discussion and vote at the earliest open meeting. Amendments to the bylaws may be made upon majority vote of the membership.

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